2019 BMW 3 Series interior features

The sedan 2019 BMW 3 range offers fresh interior design, although the familiar combination of elegant fabrics and the minimalist design is retained. The products are mainly top-class, although the 3rd series is not as fine as its German rivals. Its technology is innovative and sometimes frustrating. The sedan, with more freight and rear legroom, is a few centimeters longer than in the past generation.
The5-seat 3 Series offers drivers and passengers all-day convenience.
Compared to the earlier model, the redesigned sedan has more energy changes for the front seats and an adequate seating position can be achieved in numerous body shapes. More legroom is available than for the past model so that adults can comfortably ride without being tight.

The 330i sedan comes with 14-way front seats that can be adjusted for power. The front seats at base are 10way energy modifications for Sport Wagon and Gran Turismo. The conventional synthetic leather and steering wheel trimmed by leather. Upgrades available include the heated front and back seats and the leather upholstery and a heated steering wheel.

LATCH hardware comprises of two smaller anchor sets and three anchor tether for child safety seats in three series.
The 330i Sedan features a 8.8-inch infotainment screen, the recent iDrive interface for infotainment, HD Radio, 10 speakers, 3 area climate control and moonroof systems. This model also introduces fresh technology for the range, including BMW's Smart Personal Assistant. The assistant reacts like a smartphone or Alexa phone to voice instructions and is also learning some of your habits. For instance, when the temperature falls below freezing, you automatically switch on your seat heater, as usual.
The helpers are clever in theory, but they do not always do the way they should, much as their gesture controls are optional.  Nevertheless, this interface has more characteristics than the prior one that remains standard for the Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo models.

The upgrades available include a navigation system, Apple Carplay as a subscription service, WiFi Hot Speed Speed Limited Info, a head-up display, an overview camera scheme, automatic high beams, LED headlights, active parallel headlight, a computerized satellite radio and Wi-Fi system.